Our Story

Arredondo Family Day Care, or as we fondly call the center - Grandma's House was envisioned when owner, Lu Arredondo welcomed her first Grandchild, Joy in 2017.  Choosing a daycare became a family affair and an important task.  Factors that were weighed in on included:  Location, pricing, level of care, access, and fit - after all, at the end of the day, a child needs to feel comfortable, cared for, and safe.  It seemed that no matter how many places the family looked at, nothing seemed to cater to all the elements.  So, one night over family dinner it was decided - Grandma would resign from her corporate life in Change Management and watch baby Joy.  From that moment forward, the trajectory of our lives changed.  Over the next several months, CPR and lifesaving technique training, and many licensing classes and inspections, Arredondo Family Day Care (Grandma's House) was open and the journey from Corporate Change Management to In Home Day Care began.  


To say the journey was easy would not be honest.  There were challenges along the way - like finding the right play equipment, creating meal plans that work, developing learning assessments and learning toolkits that the kids enjoyed and were eager to participate in took time.  Since those early days, we have developed:


1. Parent plans that give the parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe, learning, having fun, and cared for.  The true test we found is that kids don't want to leave and they love being engaged in the decision making - especially the “I'm the boss today” time.


2.  Early Learning Toolkit that creates opportunities for parents and child to continue the learning and enhance their school readiness at home.


3.  A curriculum that includes learning about the Environment, gardening (in their own garden area), character learning, math, reading, language arts, crafts, science, free play, and social/civic engagement.  


4.  A youth author program - with our first official book published in March 2023 - “All About Me”.  Our second book was published in January 2024 - “Friends Around the World”.  The books are illustrated and written by children for children.  We are currently working on our third book titled “The Magic within our Differences”.  Parents receive a free copy for their home library.


There is so much more….


“What started as a family journey became an unexpected blessing and passion for me.” says Grandma Lu.  "There is a certain magic and excitement you feel when you see a child's eyes light up when they understand something for the first time, achieve a task they were struggling with, or when they are exploring the unknown".


Our Mission:  Arredondo Family Day Care - Grandma’s House’ goal is to provide children with a well-rounded education that will lay the foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Early childhood is a crucial stage in every child’s life in terms of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development. At Arredondo Family Day Care - Grandma’s House, the only mission that matters is high quality care and a positive learning experience.


From early learning and school readiness to pre-teen independence.  We have a plan that works.